Wordless-less Wednesday

My Wordless Wednesday posts have never been wordless! So here you have it, Wordless-less Wednesday!

Little Man is enjoying being able to hold himself up on things. Everything! I have to be careful when picking him up, because he has been grabbing onto any and everything he can! I snapped this quick picture at a family get together last week, pardon the bad lighting!

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Brittni said...

Ooh! I think I'm going to need an extra set of eyes, for when Emily gets to that stage (she's 4 months old).

Accustomed Chaos said...

such a cute photo!! they really get s permanent smile when they discover something new

Devan @ Accustomed Chaos

The Millennial Housewife said...

Hey there!

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Sara R - The Millennial Housewife

Nic said...

Too, too cute!

Funny, I posted Not-So Wordless Wednesday yesterday. I can't make mine wordless either. ;)

Amy said...

What a cute photo!!! I say I can't wait for Jack to move but I am sure I will be eating my words soon!

Katie said...

Stopping by from D-List BYOB.

Your little man is SO cute! Is he walking yet? Or just picking himself up and doing that little butt drop?

mommy2chazz said...

Aw! Thanks guys! Chazz does a lot of scooting backward right now. He doesn't walk but he loves to pull up on things and push his little butt up in the air. I call it the "downward facing babe" yoga pose :)