On My First Mother's Day

Thank you for making me a mommy! Six months ago, you were due, and I was impatiently waiting for you to come. I never understood the strength of a mother's love until I had you. You are just as precious at 4 am, bawling, as you are when you're peacefully sleeping on my chest. I've learned a lot about love from you. You've given me many gifts. Unconditional love, never-ending strength, selflessness, insights I never had before there was a you. I couldn't imagine a more perfect baby boy!
Love, Mom

Aka Madrè, Merè, Momma
I love you to pieces!
Thank you for being such an awesome mom, an example of the mother I was to become! There were times I thought I was sure I had just dug my own grave. But no matter what trouble I was in, you were there to show me the way, and love me unconditionally. Thanks for being the best teacher, cheerleader, and friend a daughter could ask for.
Love, Chelcie Rae

Being such a wonderful dad is what inspires me to be a wonderful mom. Thanks for the simple things, like changing diapers, and the pretty dang big ones, like working your hardest for our family. Thanks for always supporting me in my mommy decisions and adventures (I know you think all this "organic-shmamic" is slightly crazy). And for all of the times you tell me that I'm an amazing mom. It might not seem like much, but it is really nice to hear, and keeps me goin!
Forever and After, Baby.

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