Summer Safety

Chazz's first summer is fast approaching, and I need to be prepared. Summer is going to be a fun time to play together, and I have been doing a lot of summer safety research during naptime! Here are a few things I've learned to keep little one safe:

-Babies under six months of age should be kept out of the direct sunlight.

-Move your baby to the shade or under a tree, umbrella, stroller canopy, or baby tent.

-Dress babies in lightweight clothing that covers the arms and legs, and use brimmed hats. That is the best protection. I love Baby Gap hats!

-Apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going outside, and use sunscreen even on cloudy days. It should have an SPF 30 at the least. I like Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection.

-Sunblock and sunscreen are not the same! Sunscreens absorb ultraviolet light so that it doesn't reach your skin, while sunblock blocks them. Sunblock is better and protects from UVA and UVB rays.

-Some sunscreens claim to be sunblock. Don't be fooled! Look for the ingredients titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.

Some with good reviews:
Blue Lizard Australian Suncream SPF 30 Baby
Blue Lizard Australian Suncream SPF 30 Sensitive
Neutrogena Sunblock Lotion Sensitive Skin SPF 30
California Baby Sunblock SPF 30
Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection

-Most products are for 6 months+, but the American Academy of Pediatrics says they are okay to use on younger babies if there is no way to avoid the sun. They recommend:

"For babies younger than six months, use sunblock on small areas of the body such as the face and the backs of the hands if protective clothing and shade are not available. For babies older than six months apply to all areas of the body but be careful around the eyes."

-Babies dehydrate and overheat much easier than adults. If baby is overly sleepy or fussy, it may be time to cool off.

-Try absorbant bath toys soaked in cool water for play!

-Breastfeed or offer formula more often to ensure enough fluids. Some pedi's also recommend water, ask yours. I keep a sippy cup full of cold water for Chazz to sip on.

-Inflatable summer toys can be fun, but don't rely on floatation devices. They are never foolproof and your baby should be supervised at all time. Infants can drown even in shallow water.

I love this inflatable wading pool for babies. The cute little mushroom provides some shade!

Insect Repelent kind if scares me when it comes to putting it on my baby, but it's important to protect them from things like Lime Disease.

-There are a ton of natural repellants that use lemon or citronella oils, or eucalyptus. I love California Baby Natural Bug Blend. It uses citronella, lemongrass, and cedar, and is safe for baby, pets, and the environment. Some don't find them as effective, so using them with a bug net might work for you.

-When using a bug repellant with DEET or picaridin, make sure the concentration is less than 30%.

-Don't use any repellant on babies under 2 months.

-Spray the product on your hands and rub on any exposed skin, that way baby doesn't inhale it or get it in his eyes! If this happens, you should call the poison control center right away.

-I don't like sunblock/repellant combos for the simple fact that sunblock needs reapplied often, and repellant doesn't. That means too much chemicals for your little one!

Whew! There are so many little things involved in a simple walk in the park or trip to the lake. I can't wait for his first summer to start! And I'll be able to relax know he is protected from bugs and sun rays, and enjoy his summer fun. Do you have any summer tips?

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