Scrapbooking Progress!

While I was pregnant (and oh-so-restless!) I crafted a bunch of themed scrapbook pages for Chazz's album. And I am so glad I did, because I might just finish it by time he's 10!

Here is the album we got. I love the little bumblebee. The nature themed paper is from JoAnn's, and it rocks!

The first page with a spot for his hospital picture.

A spread dedicated to the baby bump. I worked as a barista while pregnant, and my customers always joked that I had "swallowed a coffee bean!"

(it says "Psst! The cat's out of the bag!" And boy, wasn't it!)

Our first ultrasound! And "It's a Boy!"

The Miracle of Life.

As you can tell, i have a ways to go. But it's all finally coming together, one nap at a time. I'm loving how it is turning out. Now if only I could get time to print some pictures off....!

PS. I would love any layout ideas!


Sena said...

Your baby book is gorgeous! your a lot more creative than I am! I'll prob just end up buying a ready made one!

I can see how that one is taking so long as you've put so much detail in to it. It's so gonna be worth it!

Erin said...

I LOVE what you've done with your scrapbook! I wish I'd have thought ahead and designed pages while I was still pregnant. It would make working on my daughter's scrapbook so much easier! Right now I keep gathering supplies and jotting down ideas so that one magical day I can sit down and get it done the way it should be!

Found you through the D-List Blog Party :D