Forever & After- How It All Began

Wow, that sure went by fast! Roman and I got married one year ago today!

For our One Year Anniversary, I thought I would tell a little story about how we met.

Once apon a time, I was 17, he was, well... not! The scene starts in the backseat of a mutual friends car. (Don't worry, I swear this is PG!) And I was completely ignoring him. Yep, wouldn't even give him the time of day. I heard he was trouble, and wanted nothing to do with it. {I thought.} Turns out, he was just the trouble I was looking for, I just didn't know it yet.

Fast forward to the very next day. I headed to the public library, and sure enough the only computer open was right next to him... And I am so glad I sat there! I thought he was super cute, and he smelled so good! I ended up asking him to lunch with me when a friend bailed, and we spent the whole meal laughing. And despite looking like trouble, I found he was the sweetest guy ever!

After lunch, we went to the park and sat and talked. And it was an awesome, amazing connection. There were never any of those silent awkward moments or weird pauses. It all just flowed! We flow.

And then we just never stopped hanging out! We spent that summer, always together. Attatched at the hip. Here are some of our favorite pictures from back in the day:

Weren't we just the cutest little rebels! I love the picture of us holding hands. It was only a couple days after we met. The second is in Subway a couple weeks later. {Gosh, I wish I could get that tan again...} The third is us being cute for the camera. Rawr! The last photo was a year after we met. <3

What an amazing summer that was. I had met the love of my life, and didn't know it yet! It was perfect, young love that grew into that forever and after kind of love.

Here is a screenshot of a myspace message (yes, myspace) that I found from him. Notice the date!

It has been four years since that beautiful summer. Since then, we have tied the knot and started a family, but we're still the two teens in love, who just never stopped holding hands!

And they lived happily ever after!


Mama M. said...

What a great story!

Just stopping by to let you know you were one of my Mother's Day Madness winners! I announced the winners on my blog, but haven't heard from a few...so, I'm just following up!

If you just want to drop me an email with your shipping details, I'll make sure your prize gets shipped ASAP!

Thanks for playing along!

Nic said...

Cute!! Happy Anniversary to you guys. :)