Sophie Obsession!

For those who are just as obsessed as I am, there is a Sophie Givaway over on nicolebuchalla.blogspot.com
Check it out and Good Luck!


Burn Baby Burn

In an attempt to get back into shape, I have been logging my food and exercise on my iTouch thru myfitnesspal.com. It is so easy to keep track and you can find most any food:

A class is so not in our budget right now, so I picked up a Pilates video to do at home with Chazz at my side!

Which is not easy. I'm on my mat doing my thing and he is on his, either laughing at me (so distracting!) or rolling under me.
Aside from my video 2x a week, I am also *trying* to get in this mini workout everyday:
20 crunches
10 pushups
30 leg lifts (each)
15 pelvic tilts
10 up and outs (each leg)
15 lunges
10 fire hydrants (each)

I love that burn, baby!


A Minute for Mommy- Banana Mask

Sunday is my mommy day. I make time for a fun 'somethin' that I would never get around to otherwise! Every mom deserves brilliant skin so here is one of my favorite masks. The ingrediants are easy and it is quick to make- perfect for moms in the fast lane!



1 banana, ripe
1 tbsp honey
1/3 cup plain yogurt
1/3 cup oatmeal
An orange or a lemon


Mash the banana and mix in the honey, yogurt, and oatmeal.
Add a few drops of juice from an orange or a lemon.
Apply to face for 10-15 minutes before rinsing with a steaming warm washcloth.

The oatmeal gently exfoliates and helps reduce any redness, while the natural oils in the banana creates a barrier to keep moisture in and dirt and toxins out. Enjoy!


The Plague is Over!

Chazz woke up with a low fever yesterday morning, so I decided to take him in, just to be sure. They took his temp (99.7) and some swab tests. Thank goodness it turned out to be JUST a cold, because RSV is going around and our Pedi thought he also might have strep. But after a couple quick tests, it was all negative, and our little man is going to be ok!
Since we don't have a humidifier, I have been using the shower to steam up the bathroom! And thank goodness my mom brought some Vicks!

Both the boys were miserable... Roman had the flu, and was trying his best to stay away from our little one! He is such a sweet dad, he had been sending his love across the room to avoid infecting him!

The sun is even out today! Maybe a walk is in-order for us this afternoon??

Sophie the Giraffe!

This teething toy has been getting awesome mommy-reviews from the moms over on thebump.com and we just have to get one for Chazz! I love that it helps develope their senses and soothes their little gums!

This is how it works...

Dark contrast for developing sight.

Sophie’s squeeker keeps baby entertained and later teaches cause and effect.

She's made of 100% natural rubber and food paint and the soft texture and legs are perfect for soothing sore gums.

I checked out the website, and they claim to be the best toy ever! I claim it to be the cutest!
I hunted down the best deal on amazon and will be ordering it for Chazz ASAP!


Rolling Over!

Chazz has been rolling over from back to belly for a while. But the last two days, he has really bumped up his skills! He uses it to get around in circles and to look at us across the room! He can even scoot a couple inches when he really wants to!

We're proud of you, Little Man!


The First Cold: Day Two

Is not as bad as it could be. Little Man is not very fussy for being sick! He's just not interested in food at all. I have been fighting to get him to eat even a couple ounces at a time. The poor guy just wants to cuddle!

I love you, Chazz! And I hope when we wake up, you're healthy and its sunny!


The First Cold

We've been infected!

All of my extreme efforts to keep sickness out of our home have failed and Chazz now has his very first cold.
He slept ok last night, but really just wanted to eat alot. I wonder if he has a scratchy throat like mine?? He is mostly sleepy so we are ignoring his nap schedule today. He even has a tiny cough, which breaks my heart. He's taking it like a champ so far, but I'm feeling guilty. Mostly we've just been napping and feeding. We sat in the bathroom after Roman's shower to take advantage of the steam but I really wish we had a humidifier and some Vicks right now!


The End of Co-sleeping?!

I am so proud of our little man!

I have been trying to lay him down at night in his own bassinet (drowsy but awake) for months without any real success. He is fine for 5-45 minutes, but as soon as he stirs and realizes where he is (and where I'm not!), he screams! I've tried everything short of letting him CIO. (our pedi said that won't work until 8+ months, plus, I'm more of a Furber-method mom!!!)

So yes, we've been co-sleeping for four months. Dont think i dont enjoy it! I get to snuggle with 2 cute guys. I can make sure he's breathing. And if he's hungry, I only have to be awake for a split second to nurse. But I don't want a three year old in our bed!
So last night, I decided to try something new.
I swaddled him tight and let him nurse in our bed until he was full and had been passed out for about 25 minutes, then layed him down in his bassinet! He didn't even notice! He did not STTN (sleep thru the night) like usual, but I don't mind! I thought for sure when he woke up at 3:30am, I wouldn't have the same luck, but somehow it worked twice! He then slept till 5am before demanding to be let back in bed.
Hopefully, this is the beginning of the end of co-sleeping!

But I don't understand how, after a wonderful night of actual sleep, I woke up sick! >.<


First solids!

I got the ok to give Chazz rice cereal once a day to see if he likes it and how he reacts.
I gave him a taste yesterday and he made some amazing faces!
At first, he spit it out, but after a couple spoonfuls, he was eating like a champ! He has even been leaning to the spoon for more.
I got some fun messy pics and video to embarass him with later. :)

PS cereal is fun, the new poop is NOT!


4 month stats

March 17th, 2010

Weight- 13lb 6oz
Length- 24.5 in
Head- 16.25 in

2 months stats

January 13th, 2010

11lb 5oz
23.5in long
15 5/8in

2 1/2 wk stats

December 2nd, 2009
8lb 4oz
21 1/4in long

Our Birth Story

Our due date, 11/9/09, had come and gone. Roman and I would walk forever around our house, the mall, anywhere to get the contractions going, but they always stopped when I stopped walking! So at our appointment, when my doctor offered to induce me due to really high blood pressure, Roman and I were ecstatic!
I got settled in at the hospital while he grabbed our hospital bags from home. They started me on Pitocin, and I could finally feel real contractions! But after 12 hours on the "vitamin P", my labor wasn't going anywhere!
My nurse gave me something to soften my cervix, let me eat (finally!), and said we would start the Pitocin back up at 4am. More waiting!
I remember waking up at 3:15 to my water breaking! I was sure I had peed! But as I stood up, my first real contraction hit, and I knew it was my water. As I pressed the nurse call button and told her my water broke, Roman woke up and was like "huh, water? OH!"
In that split second of time, I was already having horrible pain. What happened to easing into labor? I heard being induced would make for worse contractions, but this was unbearable and getting worse!!
I hopped in the jet tub to find relief (no help!!) while Roman started calling EVERYONE! The jets weren't helping as much as I had hoped, and at this point I think I was losing it, cause I told Roman that I wanted the epidural (NOW!!) or I was going home. (right...) Roman calmed me down and got me back to the bed while everything got set up.
I remember feeling like I was loosing it. This was not how I pictured it going! I wanted to go natural for my baby! But the other side of me was going to kill that anestheseologist if he didn't shut up and shove that needle in. I don't need a fricken mile long explanation, just give me the fricken pen, where do I sign? :)
Within a minute, my pain had faded to nothing and we just had to sit and wait. Again.
My doctor and midwife had differing opinions on wether or not I should eat, but since I had ate 2 meals in 3 days, I took my midwife's advice and ate light. Light as in 3 pancakes with butter and syrup, an English muffin, and a fruit bowl!
The time went by fast because EVERYONE was in our room to keep us company! (what happened to calling everyone after he was born??!) But around 10am, I could feel the urge to get the show on the road. Actually, I was sure I could feel the baby coming out! The nurse kicked everyone out and told me to stop pushing the epidural button, so I pressed it one more time for good measure!
I remember pushing and feeling like it was going nowhere. I remember the pain slowly creeping back. I remember I wanted to go home! But Roman kept reassuring me, and I kept pushing. I remeber the nurse saying a typical first labor is long, and I could be pushing for hours. (don't tell me that!! WTF!) I kindof remember trying out other birthing positions, but as soon as I would move, Chazz's heart rate would drop. I tried to get on all fours to relieve some pain, my epi had pretty much worn off, but again the heart rate dropped. I remember them putting on my oxygen mask and letting me rest. The pain was getting intolerable again. It was like cramps, but the pain radiated thru my hip bones, and was dull and achy and sharp at the same time. I couldn't concentrate on pushing when I was sure I was dying!! I wanted to push my epi button again! Libbi told me it would slow down labor, but if I needed it, push it! Again the pain melted, and I had to try so hard not to fall asleep!
I didn't push with the next 2 contractions to rest. Then I pushed as hard as I could, and roman told me he could see the head! It had hair! That was all I needed to hear, and within the next couple pushes, our son was born!

Chazz Dallen
November 14th, 2009
11:19 am
7 lbs 5.6 oz
19 1/2 inches

To catch up!

I have been wanting to start a blog for our Chazz- man, so to start, these are all the notes so far!!

Dec. 30th- you looked at me and smiled!
Dec. 31st- you've been smiling and "ahhhing" all day! And you seem to be saving them just for me!
Jan. 22nd- you are becoming quite the little socialite! You've been cooing and smiling a ton. You love talking to everyone and batting at your toy bar's frog. You even try REALLY hard to scoot when you're on your belly!
Jan. 23rd- you had a really funny laugh in your sleep while you were nursing, and it made your dad and I laugh too!
Jan. 27th- you held your rattle and shook it on your own! You even tried to suckle on it.
Jan. 31st- you've found your tongue! You've been sticking it out, moving it around, and "licking" my arm.
Feb. 2nd- you giggled for the first time! Your dad bumped your little fists together and you thought it was the funniest thing!
Feb. 5th- you are so social! You talk to us and your toys. You have been pulling up to sitting while on my lap. I think you might be left handed because you pull with it more, we'll see!
Feb. 9th- I can't believe we just bought size 2 diapers! You and dad have been playing and you laugh like crazy!
Feb. 18th- you've been giggling at your dad and I. Today you looked at the stove and laughed!
Feb. 21st- whenever I lift you over my head, you giggle like crazy! You're enjoying sitting and looking around.
Feb. 28th- you remembered that you have a tongue! You suck on your lip and make bubbles and even stick it out when we do. Today I gave you a little cereal to see how it holds you over... You love to snack!