The End of Co-sleeping?!

I am so proud of our little man!

I have been trying to lay him down at night in his own bassinet (drowsy but awake) for months without any real success. He is fine for 5-45 minutes, but as soon as he stirs and realizes where he is (and where I'm not!), he screams! I've tried everything short of letting him CIO. (our pedi said that won't work until 8+ months, plus, I'm more of a Furber-method mom!!!)

So yes, we've been co-sleeping for four months. Dont think i dont enjoy it! I get to snuggle with 2 cute guys. I can make sure he's breathing. And if he's hungry, I only have to be awake for a split second to nurse. But I don't want a three year old in our bed!
So last night, I decided to try something new.
I swaddled him tight and let him nurse in our bed until he was full and had been passed out for about 25 minutes, then layed him down in his bassinet! He didn't even notice! He did not STTN (sleep thru the night) like usual, but I don't mind! I thought for sure when he woke up at 3:30am, I wouldn't have the same luck, but somehow it worked twice! He then slept till 5am before demanding to be let back in bed.
Hopefully, this is the beginning of the end of co-sleeping!

But I don't understand how, after a wonderful night of actual sleep, I woke up sick! >.<