The Plague is Over!

Chazz woke up with a low fever yesterday morning, so I decided to take him in, just to be sure. They took his temp (99.7) and some swab tests. Thank goodness it turned out to be JUST a cold, because RSV is going around and our Pedi thought he also might have strep. But after a couple quick tests, it was all negative, and our little man is going to be ok!
Since we don't have a humidifier, I have been using the shower to steam up the bathroom! And thank goodness my mom brought some Vicks!

Both the boys were miserable... Roman had the flu, and was trying his best to stay away from our little one! He is such a sweet dad, he had been sending his love across the room to avoid infecting him!

The sun is even out today! Maybe a walk is in-order for us this afternoon??