To catch up!

I have been wanting to start a blog for our Chazz- man, so to start, these are all the notes so far!!

Dec. 30th- you looked at me and smiled!
Dec. 31st- you've been smiling and "ahhhing" all day! And you seem to be saving them just for me!
Jan. 22nd- you are becoming quite the little socialite! You've been cooing and smiling a ton. You love talking to everyone and batting at your toy bar's frog. You even try REALLY hard to scoot when you're on your belly!
Jan. 23rd- you had a really funny laugh in your sleep while you were nursing, and it made your dad and I laugh too!
Jan. 27th- you held your rattle and shook it on your own! You even tried to suckle on it.
Jan. 31st- you've found your tongue! You've been sticking it out, moving it around, and "licking" my arm.
Feb. 2nd- you giggled for the first time! Your dad bumped your little fists together and you thought it was the funniest thing!
Feb. 5th- you are so social! You talk to us and your toys. You have been pulling up to sitting while on my lap. I think you might be left handed because you pull with it more, we'll see!
Feb. 9th- I can't believe we just bought size 2 diapers! You and dad have been playing and you laugh like crazy!
Feb. 18th- you've been giggling at your dad and I. Today you looked at the stove and laughed!
Feb. 21st- whenever I lift you over my head, you giggle like crazy! You're enjoying sitting and looking around.
Feb. 28th- you remembered that you have a tongue! You suck on your lip and make bubbles and even stick it out when we do. Today I gave you a little cereal to see how it holds you over... You love to snack!