Home Sweet Home

Renting is the pits. I really can't wait to own our own home. *sigh*
Soon enough, soon enough.

I dont like moving. Well, moving isn't so much as bad as packing. Wrapping up everything, packing it tight, labeling, losing stuff in the meantime. It's tedious! However, I don't mind unpacking because you can put everything exactly how you want it. I'm OCD like that!

But anyway, Roman and I have decided to move out of our current house for a couple different reasons.
-Way. Too. Small. I always feel like I'm going crazy!
-No yard. (And I want a garden!)
-No yard! And we have two lovely mutts that need more of it!
-Just 'cause. We do that a lot.

Oh yeah, and did I mention it was too small? So the last couple days we have been on the look out for some rentable houses. We have our heart set on one that has some amazing architecture and cute vintage flair. There is room for a little garden, a big yard for the mutts, and a garage for Roman to work on cars. Chazz would have lots of crawling room!

I'm crossing my fingers on this one, and hopefully we will know by tommorow evening. This could be a new begining for all of us...:)


Nic said...

I am the same way about moving; don't mind the unpacking but cannot stand the packing!!

DH and I were pretty much freakin' gypsies until we bought our house in November. We started dating in 2006 and are living in our 6th place together. That's insane. Hope you find something soon!