Zombie Mommy

Who needs sleep anyway???!
Last night was a challenge... to say the least. Chazz is far from sleeping through the night, but that was just rediculous.
He would not go down without a fight at bedtime. Fine.
He wasn't so easily rocked back to sleep at midnight... but we got there.
But 2:30 am was when all hell broke loose. I fed him, he was happily asleep, and then (gasp!)
He balled for an hour and a half. I gave him his binkie. I gave him his "lovee." I even tried a second round of nursing. I rocked him. I walked him. But this kid was having none of it!

And then it got worse.

I know, right! What could possibly be worse than a screaming baby at 4am???

A laughing one. (I've never heard of a baby laughing himself to sleep...:)
He went from screams, to hiccups, to an all out giggle-fest. If I even approached his bed, his cooing turned to hysterical laughter! Try staying serious on zero sleep, with that cute face! Who's gunna get any sleep now?? Not I.
I caved around 5, picked up my lil giggle-butt, and let him pass out on my chest, just like he wanted. So much for sleep training. I'm being trained!!

I am kicking myself in the head as we speak. Yesterday, I giggled over the fact that Chazz will be 5 Months Old tomorrow... and how he must have skipped the whole "four month wakeful" thing all the moms have been bumping about. Oh no, not my lil man, he just rolled it all into one knockdown dragout night of HELL, special for momma.

Oh. And sometime during this, my sweet husband managed to sneak his way to the couch. And there he lies, sleeping. I really should stick his hand in some warm water (heheh!), but he's on my beloved couch...

Somebody get me some coffee!


Christine said...

Nights like this are so rough! Hope today was ok for you!

One Cluttered Brain said...

YEah little tykes make it rough to sleep sometimes. But eventually they do sleep through the night! :)

Christine said...

If only I weren't a night owl anyways!! :)