Break Out The Pabst, er, Bubbly!

This week has been one big celebration!

The doc called with Chazz's MRI results, and (drumroll please!) it is good news. There are no tumors or pockets in his brain, and no defects! Both of his optic nerves are underdeveloped, as they thought, but things could be so much worse. I read that 6 out of 10 ONH babies have a midline brain defect, and am greatful that Chazz is in that last forty percent!
Along with the optic nerves, his pituitary gland is on the small side, so we will be seeing an endocrinologist to check his hormones. If it is also underdeveloped, Chazz will be given whatever hormones he needs as supplements. All things considered, this is a huge relief. Google was really starting to get me down! There is so much more to this condition, that we thankfully won't have to deal with.

It's nice to know what we are facing. That there is a plan of action to get through this chin up, and Chazz will be our happy, healthy little man, no matter what!


Casual_Insanity said...

Hey, alright!!! Praise the Lord :)

Amy said...

What awesome news!!!! Congrats!!!

vanita said...

Never google anything until you know for sure you have it. really. i scared myself a few weeks ago when my doctors were talking about testing me for a form of cancer that luckily i don't have.

great news. i'm happy for you and best of health wishes to Chazz.

Anonymous said...

From one mom to another...check out The MAGIC Foundation...they have a list serv via Yahoo for moms of affected kids which is great. www.magicfoundation.org Best of Luck!