Mornings as Mom


You are so sweet, Mr. Chazz. But right after you wake up, you really put your shmoozing skills in high gear!
You flash us your gummy little grin. You wave your little fists wildly. You start ooohing. And mommy and daddy can't help ourselves!
I'm sure by now, you have us all figured out. And even though your fingers are pretty dang small, you still manage to wrap BOTH of us around them!
When I just can't take the cuteness any longer, I pick you up from your bed, and my heart swells with joy. I see that your smile is infectious, cause daddy has caught it too.
I always look forward to morning, no matter how long the night seems to drag on!
I love your morning diaper change. Strange, I know, but you are so playful and attentive. And wiggly!!
My absolute favorite part of our morning? Snugglin'! I love watching you try to scoot around on the bed. Rubbing our satin blanket. You push your butt high in the air, only to topple over. You remind me of myself behind the wheel of my first stick, lurching forward, but going nowhere! Don't worry, you'll get out of first gear soon!
I enjoy laying you on my chest and just loving on ya. Kissing your chubby cheeks or rubbing your back. You always try to scoot up my chest and nom on my cheeks, sharing some drool!

This is usually when you strike up a morning conversation. It consists of aaays, oohs, ohms, mmmms, and the occasional grunt. These always morph into fierce demands for breakfast in bed and more snuggling!

Oh what a wonderful morning as mom!



Sweet post! My mornings will my baby girl are just about the same : ) Those sweet moments are to be cherished forever!