The Dreaded MRI

Well, Chazz is out. He did good this morning, a lot better than we expected. I thought he would be screaming from 2am on! He fussed at first, but Daddy is so smart and put on cartoons. He was as happy as a clam all the way through check in. Chazz even fell asleep on Roman's shoulder until it was time to hand him over to his nurse. Now it's just waiting.

15 minutes till we get to see him!!!!!!!!!!

Aaaaand they LIE!!

Finally got to see my lil man. He was one fiesty mess until I fed him. He had a little trouble nursing at first, he'd pause to yell at me and then continue eating. Holding him is the best feeling ever! The sight of him wrapped in the heated hospital blankie reminds me of when I first held him. There is something about the smell of those blankets that takes me back. I'm just glad he's here, he's somewhat content, and he's ok!

It's policy to stay for an hour after so we are just now getting to pack up... Chazz is oh so sleepy! He's able to flirt with the nurses, so I think he is going to be just fine!

We're home and taking a family nap. All we have for discharge instructions are to feed on demand (duh!), let him sleep (really??), and lay him on his side in case of vomiting. All three of us are barely able to keep our eyes open, so night-night!

Just woke up, and I'm still tired! We all got to cuddle and catch up on some sleep. Chazz is his normal, playful self. I wonder if he even remembers?!

Here's the "damage"-
*3 pokes from attempts at an IV-in his head, and both feet
*bandage on right foot from IV
*a cough- maybe from the breathing tube shoved in his lungs
*sticky gook from monitors on leg, chest, and chin
*sticky gook and red from eye covers on face

We will have a follow up appt with our pedi to go over the results, so even more waiting! It is so nice to have that out of the way though. Soon we will know the extent of things and what all we're dealing with. It will be nice to know where to go from here...


Amy said...

I'm glad it all went okay, hopefully everything else goes just as well.

K D said...

I glad you made it through! I really liked what you said in the post below about the swings.

Chazz and you have lots of fun to be had in the future.