5 Months Old!

::stares in awe at ticker::

Chazz Dallen,
What progess you have made in 5 short months! And we couldn't be more proud! I can't believe you have been an "outside baby" for FIVE MONTHS! What happened to the baby that only woke to eat??
You have blossomed into such a little socialite, cooing at anyone you see. You spend a lot of time talking to that baby in the mirror. And what a shmooze, you little flirt, none of my girlfriends are safe!

You enjoy playing with your daddy so so much. I love how you sometimes bury your face in his shoulder and laugh. I just melt! Or how you smile off to sleep in his arms. And how you just love to growl and grunt at him.

After "getting to know you," I can totally see you kicked back in my belly, Kung Fu and all! It's amazing how your personality is so much the same.

You have really brushed up your ninja skills. I am surprised at how eager you are to move! You roll and scoot whenever you possibly can! And you love being pulled up to a stand. You have super strong lil legs. I know, because your favorite thing to do while on mom's lap is kick, kick, kick!
I am so proud, because yesterday, I pulled you up to a sit, and there you sat for a good 10 seconds by yourself. And I even managed to snap a picture.

Thank you for making parenting look so easy! Being young parents is hard, but you make it a breeze. You only cry if you are hungry or over-tired. And though getting you out of our bed has been a little rough, you are just as much an angel at 3am!


~~5 Month Stats~~

Diaper size: 2
Clothing size: 3-6M (it's tight!)
Sleeping: Mostly out of our bed...
Eating: Besides BM, he has tried rice and oatmeal, sweet potatoes, squash, applesauce, bananas, and watered down prune juice.
Fave toy: Bright Stars elephant
Fave thing to do: Splash with your feet in the tub.
Latest milestones: Razzing, rolling back to tummy, scooting.
Babbling: ooh, ohm, guh, mmmm
Newest item/toy: Easter Bunny
Tooth Count: 0 but I think I see a bump!
I look forward to: Better weather so you can get some sunshine!
Fave Pic: