The Past Couple Days...

Have been all about catching up and cleaning up! Filled the fridge, ordered diapers (size 3!), finally got out on another walk!

I've been so busy, I completely forgot Chazz has an eye appointment this week! They were booked out a month or so and I spaced it. I made an appt with a specialist because every once in a while, one of his eyes goes.... wherever! Our pedi said they don't worry about it until they are a year old. But I worry about it now, so we're going in now!

This week, Little Man has been loving his bathtime. He splashes around like crazy. I can barely get him clean before I'm soaked! We are mourning the loss of his rubber ducky...it was kidnapped by the dog. It ended up in little yellow and orange pieces in our hallway! Is that some form of sibling rivalry???

Digital cameras have made it too easy to take a billion and a half pictures! And so I leave you with some of this week's captures: