Identity Crisis: Moving to Wordpress

I have been wanting to move my blog to Wordpress.com and change my domain name SO SO bad!

I'm really liking Wordpress (and wondering why didn't I start over there??!) I love the commenting options, the dashboard, everything!

As for my domain, I really want my own someday! It already doesn't fit us. I often wonder what the heck I was thinking when I typed in "mommy2chazz." Yes, I am a mommy, to a Chazz, but I won't be forever. Someday, I probably will be called "mom" and hopefully by more babies than Mr. Chazz. What will I do then?? I don't want my second little one to feel left out, and Mommy2Chazz&So&So is just not gunna work for me!
And I didn't realize how common "mommyto" is. I see it everywhere, probably because it's a reflection of who you become when you become mom. And it's just too stinkin' cute.
I didn't do my research before hand, I started this blog for my handsome little man. I started without really knowing about the amazing community of moms who also blog. Who are there to read, support, offer advice.

So I'm making the move! Over to wordpress.com. Today!

Feel free to swing by (it's pretty plain at the moment) and follow my blog from there!

Click to go there-> Forever&After


malik said...
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mommy2chazz said...
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