Too Sick To Think Of A Clever Title

Really? Is this some sort of sick and twisted cosmic joke? I woke up to my first Mother's Day weekend with a stuffy nose and a scratchy, sore throat. This is so not fair!!

Moms don't have time or energy to get sick. There is too much to do. Once you're a mom, it should be physically impossible to get sick. It shouldnt even be an option. It should be an un-option! There should be laws against it!! Miracle cures for it!!!

I really just want to crawl deep under my blankies and sleep until Tuesday. And cuddle my Little Man close. But I'm too busy, and he is way too wiggly! Instead, I wait. Wait it out. Wait for a miracle cure. Wait for Chazz to get sick. The worst part of being a sick mommy, is a sick baby. Its inevitable. It's rediculous!
The second worst part? Being a sick, breastfeeding mama. Because really, I just want to chug a couple bottles of Thera-flu. But there will be none of that! Just hot hot chamomile tea with lots of honey and lemon....

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