Mommy Milestone. Come Linkup!

As a first time mommy, I spend a lot of time anticipating and celebrating each and every one of Chazz's milestones. It is an amazing thing to witness. But I'm starting to realize that I have reached a few milestones myself. And they need some celebrating too! {hey, any reason to pop open a bottle of wine!} Here are some of my mommy milestones

- Anxiety. Particularly seperation anxiety! The first couple of times that we left Chazz were really hard for me. But its slowly getting better. This last time, I was a little more relaxed. I didn't feel panic-y or as anxious to get home to him. It felt nice to get out with Roman and not feel guilty or as stressed. Just enjoying our time together was such a relief! I think it is only a matter of time before I'm more comfortable without him.

- Some sort of schedule assymbled. Mostly in hopes of getting our lives back in order. Yes, I realize it will never be the same. And that "order" won't be possible everyday. I can't balance it all (yet!) but my new stay at home mom schedule is working well. And to have a few thing accomplised at the end of the day feels nice!

A few milestones that I'm looking forward to:

- Sleeping. Ever.
Ok but really, him sleeping in his own bed, and someday his own room, will be nice. But nobody is ready for that yet, especially me! He sleeps well on his own for naps, but with him still nursing at night, it is so hard for me to get out of bed, let alone going in another room. I'm hoping that the weeks following our move, we can slowly move him into his own bed.

- Losing the diaper bag. I love love love my diaper bag. Love it! And I am nowhere near being able to give it up. But at some point, it won't be needed. Not having to lug it around all the time will be nice. {I swear, it's worse than a purse. I need a back adjustment!} Maybe a small pack for quick changes, and the bulk of it can be in the car?? Because I'm a "just in case" kind of girl.

There are so many things a mom learns along the way! What Mommy Milestones have you accomplished? What are you still working on? Link up, pour a glass of wine, and lets toast to our success!


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Mama Hoot Designs said...

I hear you on Mommy milestones. My little girl just turned one and it's definitely causing me to reflect. She's starting to self-wean and I didn't realize how that can be. I am about ten million times as relaxed as I was just 5 or 6 months ago. I feel a lot like I have come into my own as a mother.

As for the diaper bag - I HIGHLY recommend packing a bag and leaving it in the car. We did this after we decided on a whim to eat out and realized that while I had food for her, I hadn't a spoon nor a bib, etc. So I made a bag and it stays in the car. (In fact, I will have some for sale in my shop soon.) It always has diapers, wipes, feeding stuff, change of clothes, etc. When we go to leave now I just add a few toys and a fresh sippy and we're out the door. I only take in the store what we need for that trip. Give your back a break! :-)